Growing / Harvesting

Food safety on the farm is a 24/7 business requiring constant attention.  To help manage your food safety operations, we have a full suite of tools for agricultural water analysis, completing risk assessments, and monitoring potential risks. Regardless of what food safety program you are operating under – GlobalGAP, PrimusGFS, commodity-specific programs, buyer programs or others – we will build the tools and link them to your SOP’s for simplified audit compliance.


Tablet PreHarvest.jpg

These tools help identify and manage any potential food safety risk. Examples are:

  • Pre-Season
  • Pre-Harvest
  • Daily Pre-Op
  • Crop Input
  • Water Testing
  • Etc.




Before the start of the growing season, growers and shippers perform an assessment of potential risks in the growing environment. The Pre-Season tool examines land use, animal, water and other risks before planting takes place. These risks are available for review and can then be tracked through the day of production. 



Prior to the day of harvest, growers and shippers will return to the field and assess potential risks several days before harvest. Depending on the risks identified, the decision may be made whether or not to harvest the field. The assessments and the risk identification and mitigation are documented in the software. 


Daily Pre-Op

On harvest day, crews will inspect risks in and around the production area to minimize the risk of potential contamination. If issues are found, safety programs may require the supervisor to cordon off areas and not harvest crops from those areas. The Daily Pre-Op assessment documents the assessment and any risk found and corrective action taken.