HarvestMark and iFood Partner to Offer a Comprehensive Food Safety, Traceability and Quality Management Platform

May 31, 2018

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and SEATTLE, May 31, 2018—HarvestMark, a Division of Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB), and iFoodDecisionSciences, Inc. (iFood) announced today that the companies are partnering to deliver an integrated supply chain solution for food safety, traceability and quality management.

As part of the collaboration, HarvestMark and iFood worked together to develop an integrated product offering that enables compatibility between their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. HarvestMark’s traceability and quality inspection information is now integrated with iFood safety data to create a comprehensive supply chain management platform that can significantly benefit U.S. produce and perishable retailers, distributors, food service companies and food producers. The combined solutions are unique in the industry for their ability to help manage day-to-day food safety and quality control risks, regardless of where they occur in the supply chain. Together, the solutions can provide greater transparency, quality and safety, creating opportunities to provide meaningful analysis of food from the farm to the fork.

“Both companies have a demonstrated track record of simplifying the burdensome task of collecting and documenting process control data required today in the food industry. Now we are taking our work to the next level by providing realtime visibility throughout the supply chain,” said Diane Wetherington, CEO of iFoodDecisionSciences. “Our decision to work together is driven by an effort to enable customers to minimize their supply chain risks and let them focus on the business of growing and selling food.”

“We’re excited to work closely with iFood because it continues to solidify our combined services to the industry. In the food supply chain, it’s important to not only provide real-time data that grower shippers, distributors and retailers can use to make informed decisions and process improvements, but to also provide that data in an integrated and easy-to-use platform,” said Dan Sun, general manager of HarvestMark.

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Top 25 Food & Beverages Technology Solution Providers - 2018

CIO Applications

May 21, 2018

iFoodDecisionSciences, Inc., "develops dynamic data management software solutions for growers, harvesters, coolers, packers, processors, and shippers."

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"We build client-centered software solutions for food safety and more": iFoodDecisionSciences, Inc.

The Silicon Review

August 23, 2017

iFoodDecisionSciences, Inc. delivers software solutions to help food companies continuously improve food safety and quality control operations. Their cloud-based products simplify data collection, management and reporting, assuring compliance across a company's supply chain, and real-time improvement opportunities. 

"iFoodDecisionSciences works extensively in the produce industry, constantly evaluating and refining software to help clients with their ever-evolving data management needs."

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FSMA software enhanced for preventive controls rule

Produce Processing

July 5, 2017

iFood Decision Sciences has enhanced its software solutions toolbox, with a goal of making it easier and faster to be in full compliance with new preventive controls laws under the Food Safety Modernization Act.  Company staff demonstrated these additional capabilities during the Forbes Ag Tech Summit in late June.

“We have a full suite of hazard assessments and reports to address the needs of both large and small facilities.  Our solutions also offer auditable records that are time and date stamped and provide real-time supply chain monitoring and document management,” said Diane Wetherington, CEO of iFood Decision Sciences

The Preventive Control requirements have also been added to iFood Decision Science’s Toolbox app that was launched at last year’s Ag Tech Summit and is available for iOS and Android. The app reflects the breadth of iFood’s offerings to enhance customers’ food safety, quality control and data management, according to the company.

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iFood Top 20 Most Promising Technology Solution Providers in Food & Beverage for 2017 

CIO Review Food & Beverages Special

March 10, 2017 

iFoodDecisionSciences, offers cloud-based products that enable the produce industry to maintain an accesible electronic database and underlying analytics for regulatory compliance and process improvements. 

“With our Toolbox applications, employees spend fewer hours reviewing food safety reports for compliance and more time analysing the results and trends, thereby enhancing product quality and the ability to manage food safety risks at the operational level."

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Company designs software to streamline food safety data for growers, processors

Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin, Georgia Department of Agriculture

September 14, 2016

iFoodDecisionSciences provides data management software to growers, harvesters, coolers, packers, processors and shippers.  Whether in the field or in a facility, collecting and managing data is time-consuming.  iFood’s solutions allow users to conduct field and facility tests and assessments in real-time and one time.

“We are committed to simplifying the burdensome task of collecting, documenting and managing data required of today’s fruit and vegetable producers,” said Diane Wetherington, CEO of iFoodDecisionSciences. “Our goal is to put our customers in control of their data so they can get back to the business of producing food."  

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Potato council commissions food safety software

Potato Country

August 19, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A half-dozen fresh potato packing facilities have been testing software and a smartphone app commissioned by the National Potato Council to help them comply with new federal food safety regulations.

NPC hired the consulting firm iFood Decision Sciences to develop the app and customizable software, which the Pacific Northwest packing sheds have been evaluating. It’s now available to other sheds for a fee.

The cloud-based software helps operations maintain an accessible electronic database to replace libraries of paper records, which are often incomplete or illegible, iFood Decision Sciences CEO Diane Wetherington said. The software also enables potato facilities to meet a growing number of requests for records from customers.

Wetherington’s company plans to build a model allowing customers to calculate the resulting time savings and return on investment. She said some sheds conduct hourly testing, documented with paper records.

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iFood Decision Sciences Launches App at Forbes AgTech Summit

Santa Cruz Tech Beat

July 14, 2016

Attention fruit and vegetable producers — if you’re looking for a way to easily collect and log important food safety and quality control data, iFood Decision Sciences has an app for that.

This week, iFood, a software solutions firm based in Seattle with an office in Marina launches a data management app called iFood Decision Science’s — The Toolbox. The app for use with either Android or Apple tablets, allows farm personnel to quickly complete field and harvest assessments required under today’s stringent food safety regulations or for third-party audits. The app also has options for conducting evaluations in packing, processing or cold storage facilities for both food safety and product quality purposes.

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iFood Decision Sciences Launches New App at Forbes AgTech Summit


July 13, 2016

SALINAS, CA - As hundreds gather to see technology tied with agriculture, iFood Decision Sciences is adding to the platform with the launch of a new, on-trend method to collect and log important food safety and quality control data easily and with mobility.

Because now there’s an app for it.

“This new app is an enhancement to our existing system that allows food safety and quality control personnel increased mobility and ease when collecting data using an Apple or Android tablet,” Diane Wetherington, CEO of iFood Decision Sciences, said, according to a recent release. “Because these devices use either Wi-Fi or cellular data, they can be used in places where an Internet connection is not available or is spotty.”

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Food Safety Data: Anytime, Anywhere

Western Grower & Shipper magazine

May 2016

Providing real-time food safety data at your fingertips is just one part of iFoodDecisionSciences’ business model.

“Our team’s passion to serve the industry, our dedication to helping our clients deliver their produce in a safe and timely manner is above and beyond,” said Diane Wetherington, CEO of iFoodDecisionSciences.

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WGA plants high tech center in America's salad bowl

Western Farm Press

April 8, 2016


The new Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology (WGCIT), which opened late last year at Salinas, Calif., is a technology incubator aimed at bringing innovative entrepreneurs together with farmers to facilitate creative solutions to the biggest challenges facing agriculture.

Resident companies in the WGCIT include:

iFoodDecisionSciences — a company that provides flexible food safety software applications for the specialty crop industry.  

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Data report cards for growers, processors

Salinas Californian

March 23, 2016

A Seattle-based software company is helping growers and processors save time and money by making data collection and analysis easier.

iFoodDecisionSciences was among the first companies to join the Western Growers Innovation and Technology Center in Salinas.

iFoodDecisonSciences puts together software “tool boxes” for growers and processors. These can be used on computers and mobile devices. They basically eliminate the need to write data down on paper and input it into a computer. The software also helps agriculture firms analyze the data. 

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When E. coli becomes a business opportunity

Wall Street Journal

May 14, 2015

Dozens of companies are sprouting to help U.S. food makers tackle a wave of new federal safety regulations and intensified enforcement of the nation’s food laws. “Food companies are hungry for help right now,” said Diane Wetherington, chief executive of Seattle-based

“Food companies are hungry for help right now,” said Diane Wetherington, chief executive of Seattle-based iFoodDecisionSciences, which sells mobile applications that enable food producers and processors to collect and analyze data to prevent disease outbreaks and product recalls.  

iFoodDecisionSciences, which sells mobile applications that enable food producers and processors to collect and analyze data to prevent disease outbreaks and product recalls.  

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Mobile app evolve, empowering managers and employees in the food supply chain

Food Logistics magazine

June 25, 2015

One of the most revolutionary aspects of mobile management is its level of worker empowerment. It is a form of automation that can enhance rather than compromise personalization in the work place.

Church Brothers Produce Inc., a grower, processor and retailer based in Salinas, Calif., has found cloud-based mobile enterprise systems deliver a number of benefits, says Drew McDonald, vice president of the company’s quality, food safety and regulatory affairs.

McDonald gives high marks to both Go Spot Check and iFoodDecisionSciences for taking into account the way a grower operates. Both software systems streamline the processes for documentation, filing and exporting data to other programs. “They’re very appropriate for what we’re trying to do,” he says.

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