Our Story

Our company started as part of iDecisionSciences, LLC (iDS), a Seattle-based consulting practice -- whose principals first came to the produce food safety scene in 2006 following the outbreak of E. coli  O157:H7 associated with spinach. In the ensuing years, iDS has worked closely with national and regional produce associations to develop food safety best practices and metrics for leafy greens as well as other major produce commodities. Out of this work, iFoodDecisionSciences, Inc. was launched to provide software solutions that produce companies need to manage extensive data requirements of their food safety programs.

Today, iFoodDecisionSciences creates client-centered software solutions for food safety, quality, pesticide use, labor management, sustainability and more. With offices in multiple locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, iFoodDecisionSciences has one of the most experienced multi-disciplinary teams of software developers, scientists, and dedicated sales and customer service representatives in the industry.  

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