In addition to significant time savings, reduction in costs and improved data accuracy, one of the program’s advantages is it allows consolidation and analysis across all users of meaningful information that could inform regionally developed responses to demands on the industry from the regulatory and buyer communities.
— Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association | Dan Botts, VP, Industry Resources

iFood’s technology will enable growers a more cost-effective method to collect, store, report and analyze food safety data versus the paper intensive practices we use today.
— Georgia Fruit & Vegetables | Charles Hall, Executive Director

Western Growers is proud to collaborate with iFood to offer easy-to-use tools which feature mobile data entry from the field to the processing facility. I’ve had the privilege to work with the iFood team and provide input on behalf of the industry.
— Western Growers | Hank Giclas, SVP, Science & Technology

Our food safety personnel were spending up to 60% of their time collecting and inputting data which takes them away from their real job – which is to manage food safety in our fields and facilities.
— Our Clients